Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/2/09 - Another visit to my Mill Mountain refuge

Folks, if you have not been up to Mill Mountain and visited the Wildflower Garden, you really need to take the opportunity to do so. What a beautiful place it is. However, please keep your children and animals under control in this area. As I was photographing these wildflowers, a woman and a young girl were walking in the area. Unfortunately, the woman was letting her daughter walk all over the place, including walking off the paths and trampling the wildflowers that are growing here. While the child probably did not know better, the older woman was clearly ignorant of proper etiquette and manners by not relaying to the youngster that destroying other peoples property is wrong. When I see things like this, it really dims my hope for humanity and peaceful coexistence with nature.

I have photographed a few more of the flowers on Mill Mountain, and the variety in bloom grows every time I visit. Here are a few images.

The Bloodroot are in bloom, and more of them are coming up every visit.
This wildflower is a personal favorite.

This wildflower is a Marsh Marigold. I was finally able to identify it
with one of my reference books.

Another image of the Bloodroot, this time with a pair of blooms
attended by a Periwinkle in the image.

A cluster of Bloodroot before they are in full bloom.

Primrose (Pimula vulgaris).

This is a rarer color for the Periwinkle, white.
It can also be found in lavender, but is primarily blue.

Another image of the white Periwinkle, this time with some image of the leaves.
This wildflower, Vinca minor, is known as Periwinkle, Myrtle, and Creeping Myrtle.

Cyprus Spurge (Euphobia cyparissias).

This is a closer, more personal, image of the Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris).

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