Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Images from Late Spring 2009

These images were taken on June 3, 2009. I cannot remember what had delayed my posting of these images, but I often shoot many more images than I have time to go through. I do remember that I shot these in the early afternoon because a pretty nasty storm came through later in the afternoon. I hope you like these images.

These wildflowers are Sundrops, (Oenothera fruticosa). Very bright yellow.

These are also Sundrops, (Oenothera fruticosa), but I wanted folks to see how difficult it is sometimes to glean which leaves belong to the wildflower you are trying to identify.

These wildflowers are Small Flowered Phacelia (Phacelia dubia). The colors are subtle, yet intense.

This wildflower has been identified as Yellow Sweet Clover (Melolitus officinalis). Thanks To MW Kluge and Bob Zuberbuhler for the identification.

This wildflower is a Golden Star, (Chrysogonum virginianum). The leaf in the upper left of the image is from an unrelated plant next to the Golden Star. I just couldn't resist the composition..

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  1. The unidentified flower looks like yellow sweet clover, Melolitus officinalis. This weedy invader was planted by European settlers as a forage crop, and is common in abandoned fields and along roadsides.