Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Around My Yard

As the wildflowers start to break out of the ground, they have been popping up in my yard in areas that I have never noticed wildflowers before this year. Like the Star of Bethlehem that grew in the middle of my lawn, these beauties have made their presence known on their own, with some help from birds I suppose. Included is a wild tulip. I hope you like these images. These were shot on March 19, 2010.

This is a Species Crocus, (Crocus speciosus). It is a wild Crocus, and this one was growing an inch from the base of my Magnolia Tree. This bloom was almost 3 inches wide.

This is an English Primrose, or Common Primrose, (Primula vulgaris). The name Primrose comes from Latin, Prima Rosa, or "First Rose", denoting the wildflowers early spring blooming period.

This is Corn Speedwell, (Veronica arvensis). This wildflower is considered a weed in most lawns, but if you get close up and personal with the tiny, 1/4 inch blooms, they are beautiful.

I was having quite a hard time trying to figure this one out. It was in none of my books and I was at a loss on what it was. I sent this image to a knowledgeable friend, Katherine Hix. She identified it almost immediately, and I then researched it. This is a Kaufmann's Tulip (Tulipa kaufmanniana). It is a true wild tulip, but it is native to rocky slopes of Kazakhstan and Russia. How it got to my yard, I have no idea.

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